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Villajoyosa / La Vila Joiosa

by Admin El Torres on 28 May, 2015 , Comments Off on Villajoyosa / La Vila Joiosa

Villajoyosa / La Vila Joiosa, which means happy village, is a small fishing town with a fleet in active where fisherboats depart every day before dawn to the sea.  The coloured houses of the old town the fishermen painted with bright colours to distinguish them in the days of hard work and can be seen from the sea.

Villajoyosa is located in a coastal territory with a microclimate as being surrounded by high mountain ranges whose  protect  it from cold winds and rains. The ideal place to spend the moderate winter or to enjoy the beaches in summer. The main beach, Playa Centro, has got fine white sand and a longitude of 1.190 meters. But you can also enjoy some other privileged beaches as Playa Raco Conill, El Torres, Estudiantes, Paraiso, Bol Nou, L´Esparrello, Calet and Xarco.

In the town centre you can find shops of all kinds and along the beach and harbour a wide variety of restaurants to enjoy the gastronomy of the zone.

One of the most emblematic traditional industries of Villajoyosa is dedicated to chocolate. Today there are three left: Chocolates Valor, Perez and Clavileno.

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